Alexander Bradford is a renowned scholar and businessman who became a notorious criminal after starting the "multiverse war". His current whereabouts are unknown, ever since his disappearance he has been wanted by the CCDF for a bounty of $1,000,000,000 NWD.

Early Life

Bradford was born on December 13, 2086 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. To mother Mileena Bradford a local computer engineer and father John Bradford an auto mechanic. The couple remained supportive of Bradford especially when his intellect became clear to both as Bradford had become able to read by the age of 3.

Early on during his education Bradford excelled with computers it became clear he was gifted along with this Braford seemed to posses a natural aptitude in mathematics, often using more advanced resources than his classes would provide for added challenge. While Bradford remained indifferent to the remaining subjects he was taught he always performed well in them, Bradford had began to perform so well that he had succeeded in skipping many grades eventually graduating from Eldorado High School at the age of 13.

During these years however, Bradford had developed horrible behavior traits including his own seclusion remaining a serious recluse and not making any friends and hardly interacting with anyone even his own parents. Even with the odd behavior traits his parents often remained a supportive influence. Although Bradford also had developed a seeming darkness often becoming verbally remorseless to those he saw as less intelligent even to his own mother who recalls a conversation where she was described as the "Intellectual equivalent of a scavenger lost in a desert feeding off the ideas of others". Even at this time Bradford set himself on a pedestal and saw himself as the worlds elite, his ideas of intellectual freedom remained ever present in his mind even from such a young age.

During his downtime in High School Bradford would absorb resources and manuscripts about computer programming, basic electrical engineering and advanced mathematics to the point of which he was already well prepared for his college career. Being able to impressively show off his aptitude and even impress senior professors Bradford was accepted into Stanford University at the young age of 14.

College Years

To accommodate Braford's parents moved form Albuquerque to Stanford, California close to the university campus which would allow Bradford to study from home. Bradford began his college career by choosing to major in Computer Engineering alredy being well studied in the fields Bradford excelled in the classes to point where he considered them to be boring wastes of time.

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